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suzuki gsx250r review 1 - SUZUKI GSX 250R | REVIEW


One Thing that Suzuki stressed with this bike is it’s kind of the new lineage of the katana so what the katana was if you don’t an everyday sports bike. It was great around town. It had low-end torque it was very comfortable. It was very comfortable. This bike is their smaller entry-level iteration. It’s not just some cheap 250 with cheap parts it’s a really nicely well-done bike. It feels nice fit and finished over the whole bike look great and feel great but it really harkens back to the days of the katana with usable power around town comfortable with sportbike styling in terms of the engine from the GW 250 the throttle bodies are bigger.


suzuki gixxer 250 827x510 41488803024 - SUZUKI GSX 250R | REVIEW


There’s new coating for the cylinder. It’s basically the same engine with some refinements that is put to spread the power along the torque range a little bit more and it’s definitely more bottom in focus which makes it a great bike for around town but I can tell you it’s no slouch redline is somewhere between 1010 and 11,000 RPMS. It spins up the pretty first gear. It is pretty short as is normal with most of these bikes but once you get the second gear, third gear. 34th is probably where you are gonna be cruising around town 40 miles an hour.

The engine puts out a good amount of power though we’ve taken it out today with this stuff you know people always say it’s fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow and today was a perfect example of that I had a blast on this bike. One of the things I think a lot of people that will resonate with a lot of people is the styling of the bike.

It’s a beautiful motorcycle, in my opinion, it’s the most gorgeous of any of the 250-300s  that have come out from the Japanese manufacturers. The suspensions a little soft but for a new rider, it’s actually going to just give you a smooth ride. When you’re out in the twisty is in you’re on a bumpy road people who are more performance oriented you may want a tighter suspension for sure but this hasn’t been bad at all. The dash is actually full LCD which is another thing you know on these bikes are on the cheaper end this bikes 4500 bucks (293000INR).

It’s nice to see things like that there are a few things that set this bike back from some of its competitors and while we don’t know. You know the power numbers and things like that we do know and what was you can really feel when you are out in twisties and when you are really flipping this thing back and forth is the wheelbase. You know when I first saw the spike. It almost looked like it had a stretch swingarm on it. It’s three inches longer than most of its competitors approximately three inches longer. So that’s really gonna make the handling a little bit slower back and forth as far as the weight goes it’s also probably 30 to 40 pounds heavier than a lot of the other bikes you get a bigger gas tank but in terms of the weight and making it longer it’s a little slower back and forth in the twisties. I was planning on buying an entry level bike.

This is a great option and it’s not that you need to know start off with the smallest bike but it’s least intimidating way of getting into it. It not getting yourself in over your head as far as new bikes go in this day and age you know we’ve seen plenty of manufacturers put out 250-300s and they just keep getting better and better in terms of handling in terms of the quality that goes into the bikes the engineering that goes into the motors everything. It’s a great time to motorcycling with a bike that looks this good there’s plenty of bikes that are bigger and more powerful than this that don’t look nearly as good as this one does so 4,500 bucks it’s really a really complete package.

PRICE: Start from 3,00,000INR

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